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This blog will contain various stories that I have written, mainly including stories and legends that connect with the World of Cilarion... All stories are written by me personally. Read, comment and enjoy! =)
There are also news and updates on my life, thoughts or themes I have reflected on and there are past stories of my life.

Destroyed - Eleyna Part IV

The World of CilarionPosted by Danai Gabre Fri, June 19, 2009 19:49:20
Destroyed - Eleyna Part IV

Eleyna sat up straight in her bed. Cold sweat poured down her brow. She had dreamt that Naeglim were coming to attack them. The house had been burning. First she had thought that it was actually true… Another drop of sweat ran down her cheek. Then looking out the window she saw torches in the far distance. She blinked hard twice, felt her throat tighten in fear, and a slight trembling of her hands occurred as she heaved herself out of bed. She had to warn Emmeline and Doran.

“Naeglim!” She screeched, shaking Emmeline who continued to sleep like a hammer without its blacksmith. “NAEGLIM ARE COMING! WAKE UP!” Eleyna screamed loudly, but both continued to sleep. “Please wake up…” Eleyna whimpered, tears starting pour down her cheeks. She turned Emmeline’s face with her tiny hands and a tear dropped. Emmeline sat up as the salty water touched her face.

“What’s the problem dear? Did you have a nightmare?” Emmeline said sleepily. Nightmares had been a common occurrence for young Eleyna after Tripoli’s fall. Too many sleepless nights Emmeline had been forced to sit up and convince her they were only dreams. Not reality. It seemed like she was going to lose out on sleep again.

“Naeglim are approaching us! I had a nightmare so I woke up, then I saw torches in the distance! They’re coming!!”

“Are you sure dear? Let’s go check the window all right? Maybe it was all in your dreams?”

“NO! It’s real!” Eleyna dragged Emmeline out of bed and to the window where the small torches far off could be seen. But they were slowly getting larger…

“Doran! We must flee! Wake up!” Emmeline felt anxiety growing within her. She shook her husband roughly, his eyes flying wide open in surprise.

Rapidly necessities were thrown together. Food, clothes, a short sword and a hammer. A blacksmith never left her hammer.

Doran appeared in the doorway leading three saddled, short, stout horses. Emmeline helped Eleyna sit in her beige pony. Doran had grabbed a hunting bow and fastened a quiver next to the horse’s saddle. Then they were off. In the distance roars and growls were heard as the Naeglim came forward. Like demons they havocked the house into flames. Eating their way through the air the flames slowly consumed the once peaceful farm.

They galloped southwards. Passing through a small glade of trees a couple of more Naeglim appeared. They grinned evilly, their diseased faces twisting horrifically. Warts with greenish-yellow pus had burst out in several places. Eleyna’s mind was distantly absorbing their appearance, having no idea of what else to do. She considered puking as their squished, sick faces looked revolting. Doran notched an arrow and fired. A crooked-backed Naeglim fell in surprise as an arrow struck through its pathetically old and rusty scale mail. The remaining two Naeglim jumped up with their scythed swords. Eleyna’s pony reared and she only barely managed to hold herself on. Emmeline dismounted to duel a Naeglim using her hammer and short sword. Blocking the rusty sword with her short-sword she bashed the hammer into the Naeglim’s head, black blood splatting out. Doran spurred his pony to trample the remaining Naeglim who attempted to flee. Eleyna felt tears run down her cheeks. She emptied her bowels from the horse and then only barely caught herself as she momentarily blacked out.

Emmeline wiped the black Naeglim blood from her face and then sat up again.

“Be strong. Find strength within.” Eleyna absorbed Emmeline’s few comforting words. They rode on, spurring their horses for a bit to create a larger distance between themselves and the raiding Naeglim. Eleyna looked within her, trying to find the strength Emmeline was talking about. The images replayed in her head. The death of her brother. Blood everywhere, flowing like a river from Tripoli’s heart. The Naeglim’s deformed face after Emmeline’s hammer struck home. The cries of the fleeing Naeglim as the pony struck it down to trample it. The piercing smell of rotting corpses from Tripoli. Death scenes continued to play in her mind. She tried to recall her mother’s face to find strength but found only the flames consuming her house. Rocks falling from the sky. Nothing seemed to help. Hours later they made camp. Being unable to sleep Eleyna prayed as her mother had taught her. But no words of thanks were found. She couldn’t thank El Elyon. She had nothing to thank him for. What had he done? Death had struck her family. Her new home, which she had only stayed at for a bit more than a week, had been consumed in flames. She had nothing. Rather than thanking him she could even blame him. If he was El Elyon and all-powerful then why hadn’t he prevented the Naeglim from killing her brother? Why had he allowed Tripoli to fall? If it was part of his plan then his plan was bad. Everything was bad. Tears continued to fall. Her dreams stopped. She slept deeply but felt more alone than ever before. The night skies wept twinkling, starry tears.

Copyright © Danai Gabre, 2009-06-19

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