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This blog will contain various stories that I have written, mainly including stories and legends that connect with the World of Cilarion... All stories are written by me personally. Read, comment and enjoy! =)
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Night of Death - Part 1

The World of CilarionPosted by Danai Gabre Tue, May 19, 2009 18:37:16
I am going to make an exception and post an extract from The World of Cilarion: Lumiére Vrai. However, I'm not actually certain whether I will keep it in the final version or not... Currently it is the prologue to the first book in the series but I'm considering taking it out and beginning directly with the main characters.
Anyway, here is the extract:

Night of Death
- Part 1

The night was dark, the sky completely starless. Not even the moon dared showing much of her face and only a trickle of light shined on the village. The moon could not overcome the dark clouds that dominated the evening.

No one in the village was awake except for the night watch of the guards, but even some of them had fallen asleep.

The Naeglim approached silently from the east through the vast meadows. Flowers were trampled underneath the Naeglim’s tough leather boots. The Naeglim were simple creatures of the dark, they were Beliar’s first creation after his desertion. The simplest Naeglim were the brown Naeglim; they were quite short and functioned as Beliar’s basic soldiers and minions. They were born with an immense hatred for the human race; just like all the other dark creatures Beliar had created. Being created through Beliar’s hatred the Naeglim were extremely ugly creatures; they walked like humans but their faces were twisted and often crushed in various places. Diseases did not kill them or harm them in any way more than in their appearance; which meant that their skin was full of warts, boils, dark-green leprosy and other contagious skin diseases. After hundreds of years of fighting the Naeglim, humans had developed a resistance to the diseases they carried.

With a Deirm leading the attack, the Naeglim knew the village would fall easily; no one dared stand against a Deirm. The Naeglim notched arrows on their bows and released. The few wandering guards fell off the palisade wall with a thump. The Deirm laughed as he saw them die. He recalled what his master had told him and laughed again. Kill everyone, especially the children, his master had said. That was exactly what he was going to do. He would kill them all, every single baby and child. The Deirm smirked; the concept of pity did not exist in the mind of a Deirm. He privately swore an oath that the leader of the village would be dead by his hands by the end of the night. This gave him a feeling that was close to being happiness. However, the sense of feeling was something a Deirm usually ignored. Only a lust for power and might existed. Something which they had inherited from Beliar, their master.

The Deirm were taller than normal men. They never tired, and their energy was funneled directly from Beliar; the Lord of all Evil. The Deirm had huge arms and long legs made purely out of muscles. A Deirm was unmatched in strength. Their faces usually had scars from their training when they were young. No-one scarred a fully trained Deirm and only a few Deirm had ever been killed. The trickle of moonlight that shone through met resistance on his hairless head.

“Send out your souls and check that there are no other gates,” he barked in the language of Beliarthong at the two Naichar who stood behind him.

The Naichar did so immediately. They knew better than to disobey a Deirm. The Naichar were very complex creatures of the dark. They were much more cunning than Deirms. They were not, however, very strategic, which was why a Deirm was always ranked higher than a Naichar. Naichar only took over if the Deirm died; which rarely occurred. They had been created under the first age when Beliar had needed a creature to eliminate those who attempted to escape. The Naichar are bow masters, and are trained solely in the art of archery. Their bodies contain two souls, one of which they are able to release when they need to explore and look ahead. This ability makes them excellent assassins for Beliar. However, the Naichar are very easy to kill when they have their main soul released; their bodies being unaware of everything around them. This is as their minds are joined with the main soul, which is the one released and used for scouting. The soul that remains in the body is incapable of anything other than keeping the body alive. It keeps their black hearts pumping and their lungs breathing. They cannot think or move without the main soul. No-one has ever seen the face of a Naichar, and it is said that if someone looks under one of their black hoods they immediately fall dead because of the dreadful horror they see.

The Deirm showed no fear as he watched the silver soul return and slip under the black hood of the Naichar, an image that would have sent shivers into any mortal man.

“There are no other ways out captain,” hissed the Naichar after its soul had just returned to its body.

“Good. But I still want one of you to keep a look out so that no-one escapes,” answered the Deirm. “Let the battle begin,” he murmured to himself.

Copyright © Danai Gabre, 2009-05-20

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