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This blog will contain various stories that I have written, mainly including stories and legends that connect with the World of Cilarion... All stories are written by me personally. Read, comment and enjoy! =)
There are also news and updates on my life, thoughts or themes I have reflected on and there are past stories of my life.

Night of Death - Part 2

The World of CilarionPosted by Danai Gabre Tue, May 19, 2009 18:54:59

A guard who had been about to release one of the other guards from his watch saw the guards fall. In the midst of his panic, his training took over and he scrambled to get out the sounding horn and blew a loud, clear tone.

The gate flew open at the crash of a battering ram. It was only a weak, wooden, palisade wall and had fallen on the first bash against it. He blew the horn again but was quickly penetrated by three black, barbed arrows. The warning sound stopped abruptly and blood poured out as he fell to the ground, still clutching the horn.

The piercing tone of the horn had awakened most of the people in the village, and all the men rushed to arm themselves with spears, swords, pikes or any other weapon they could find. But they were too late; the gate was down and the Naeglim swarmed in. Men fell by the crude, black arrows before they could even get close enough to defend themselves. They fought back fiercely as they got into close combat, but they were by far outnumbered. It was hopeless. The village was doomed to fall, and with it the last remnants of the great Tripoli nation.

The Deirm laughed delightedly as he watched Traeron, the leader of the small village Aheron, kill a Naeglim. He rushed to meet him after pulling his knife out of the heart of the man who had dared resist him. The Deirm swung his heavy two-handed sword, which the leader desperately blocked with his shield. A loud crack rang through the air from the shield and the Deirm grinned with satisfaction at the knowledge that it would soon break, and the leader would be his. The Deirm thrust his sword at the pitiful man in front of him, breaking the shield in half and leaving a deep gash on the leaders arm. The leader dropped his sword as he fell to the ground, crying out in anguish, clutching at his damaged limb. As he knelt in pain, the Deirm mercilessly beheaded him with a heavy blow. The Deirm was disgusted at how easily the leader had fallen. He felt the thirst for blood fill his mouth and as it dominated his senses he ran to meet more men.

The Naeglim ravaged through the whole village and killed everyone in their way. They set fire to the houses, leaving behind them a trail of flames and destruction. Smoke rose steadily from what remained of the village. A red sun would rise the next morning.

Copyright © Danai Gabre, 2009-05-20

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Night of Death - Part 1

The World of CilarionPosted by Danai Gabre Tue, May 19, 2009 18:37:16
I am going to make an exception and post an extract from The World of Cilarion: Lumiére Vrai. However, I'm not actually certain whether I will keep it in the final version or not... Currently it is the prologue to the first book in the series but I'm considering taking it out and beginning directly with the main characters.
Anyway, here is the extract:

Night of Death
- Part 1

The night was dark, the sky completely starless. Not even the moon dared showing much of her face and only a trickle of light shined on the village. The moon could not overcome the dark clouds that dominated the evening.

No one in the village was awake except for the night watch of the guards, but even some of them had fallen asleep.

The Naeglim approached silently from the east through the vast meadows. Flowers were trampled underneath the Naeglim’s tough leather boots. The Naeglim were simple creatures of the dark, they were Beliar’s first creation after his desertion. The simplest Naeglim were the brown Naeglim; they were quite short and functioned as Beliar’s basic soldiers and minions. They were born with an immense hatred for the human race; just like all the other dark creatures Beliar had created. Being created through Beliar’s hatred the Naeglim were extremely ugly creatures; they walked like humans but their faces were twisted and often crushed in various places. Diseases did not kill them or harm them in any way more than in their appearance; which meant that their skin was full of warts, boils, dark-green leprosy and other contagious skin diseases. After hundreds of years of fighting the Naeglim, humans had developed a resistance to the diseases they carried.

With a Deirm leading the attack, the Naeglim knew the village would fall easily; no one dared stand against a Deirm. The Naeglim notched arrows on their bows and released. The few wandering guards fell off the palisade wall with a thump. The Deirm laughed as he saw them die. He recalled what his master had told him and laughed again. Kill everyone, especially the children, his master had said. That was exactly what he was going to do. He would kill them all, every single baby and child. The Deirm smirked; the concept of pity did not exist in the mind of a Deirm. He privately swore an oath that the leader of the village would be dead by his hands by the end of the night. This gave him a feeling that was close to being happiness. However, the sense of feeling was something a Deirm usually ignored. Only a lust for power and might existed. Something which they had inherited from Beliar, their master.

The Deirm were taller than normal men. They never tired, and their energy was funneled directly from Beliar; the Lord of all Evil. The Deirm had huge arms and long legs made purely out of muscles. A Deirm was unmatched in strength. Their faces usually had scars from their training when they were young. No-one scarred a fully trained Deirm and only a few Deirm had ever been killed. The trickle of moonlight that shone through met resistance on his hairless head.

“Send out your souls and check that there are no other gates,” he barked in the language of Beliarthong at the two Naichar who stood behind him.

The Naichar did so immediately. They knew better than to disobey a Deirm. The Naichar were very complex creatures of the dark. They were much more cunning than Deirms. They were not, however, very strategic, which was why a Deirm was always ranked higher than a Naichar. Naichar only took over if the Deirm died; which rarely occurred. They had been created under the first age when Beliar had needed a creature to eliminate those who attempted to escape. The Naichar are bow masters, and are trained solely in the art of archery. Their bodies contain two souls, one of which they are able to release when they need to explore and look ahead. This ability makes them excellent assassins for Beliar. However, the Naichar are very easy to kill when they have their main soul released; their bodies being unaware of everything around them. This is as their minds are joined with the main soul, which is the one released and used for scouting. The soul that remains in the body is incapable of anything other than keeping the body alive. It keeps their black hearts pumping and their lungs breathing. They cannot think or move without the main soul. No-one has ever seen the face of a Naichar, and it is said that if someone looks under one of their black hoods they immediately fall dead because of the dreadful horror they see.

The Deirm showed no fear as he watched the silver soul return and slip under the black hood of the Naichar, an image that would have sent shivers into any mortal man.

“There are no other ways out captain,” hissed the Naichar after its soul had just returned to its body.

“Good. But I still want one of you to keep a look out so that no-one escapes,” answered the Deirm. “Let the battle begin,” he murmured to himself.

Copyright © Danai Gabre, 2009-05-20

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Shelter - Eleyna Part III

The World of CilarionPosted by Danai Gabre Mon, May 18, 2009 17:19:20

Shelter - Eleyna Part III

Eleyna ran, blades of grass swishing beneath her feet. Now and then she could feel small, sharp rocks piercing her tiny, blistered feet. She had been travelling alone now for days. The sun rose and went down and not much food could be found. Her stomach growled constantly. She had found some fruit on some trees a couple of days ago which she had picked. Most she had ate greedily immediately, but some she had saved and brought with her.

Her dress had shrunk significantly in size since the fall of Tripoli. Rags of it were now used as a backpack for fruit and at night as a thin blanket. Luckily she still had pants, the skirt of the dress barely covered her bottom, and at some parts where she had torn it unevenly, it didn’t.

She enjoyed running. Normally it gave her a sense of freedom. Now she pretended to be persecuted, with a subconscious fear that she might actually be. She didn’t know how far it was to Merceana, nor even to the next city. Maybe the monstrous Naeglim would have reached it before her… She felt her lips and cheeks begin to pout in anger and sadness as she thought about the bad guys that had killed her home. A cold wind swept the fields and she felt her eyes water. Two tears were released from her eyes. She panted for breath and walked for a bit. The tears slowly slid down her cheeks. The past was hard to leave behind. Moving forward with hope yet remembering what shaped you without feeling depressed was difficult. Everyone struggles with forward motion.

Her long, light-brown hair travelled freely in the wind as she began to run again. Suddenly, Eleyna spotted a farm house and some fields further away. She felt a smile creep across her face. She had found other people! A mature, pessimistic thought struck her. What if the people that lived there had been killed by the Naeglim already? Eleyna shrugged it off, allowing the hopeful child-part of her to win.

The sun had just begun its descent as she approached the farm house. It was a typical wooden, Tripoli longhouse. It was large and had many rooms for the different age groups to live in. In Tripoli it was custom that families lived together in one house. The parents had their own separate rooms while the children were split into age groups. Of course, Eleyna had lived in the city where everyone had their own house, but her parents had told her the customs many, many times. However, on farms, families generally lived alone, but in villages and smaller cities the custom still remained.

As she came closer she heard a cow moo and even a horse neighed. There were people! She looked to where she had heard the neigh and spotted a farmer driving the horse forward, ploughing the arable land. Eleyna’s fingers twitched and she could hardly keep herself from running out of excitement. She had found other people! She wasn’t alone anymore!

She tried to knock politely on the door but the knock became harder than what she had intended. A woman opened. She wore a brown apron with sooty black spots covering it everywhere, and in her hand was a hammer. Eleyna felt quite surprised. The woman was pretty broad shouldered yet still had a feminine, handsome appearance. Her chestnut-brown hair was bound neatly in a pony tail to not be in the way. A black, soot mark stained her cheek.

“Hello there, what are you doing here? Where are your parents, child?”

Eleyna just stared blankly for a moment before she recalled how to speak. She had not spoken to anyone for days. Her thoughts had been her only company.

“My name is Eleyna. My mum and brother died. My father died when I was young.”

“Oh poor child, I would embrace you, but my clothes are rather dirty. Although, so are yours, I dare say. What happened to your dress? Do you want come in? I’m sure I can find you some clean, old, small dress somewhere. Are you hungry? We’re having dinner in an hour, but I’m sure I can find you an apple or something if you want?” The motherly questions were pouring out like rain from a cloud passing over a mountain. As Eleyna bit into the red apple she felt how hungry she truly was. Her tummy made a loud noise and the woman smiled.

“You must be really famished! In an hour I’ll have some nice meat and vegetables prepared for you and my husband will come in from the fields. Where are you from?”

Eleyna ate and patiently told her tale as the woman listened intently.

“So Tripoli has truly fallen? I guess it’s only a matter of time before they come here then. For that warning you have definitely deserved your stay here.”

“What do you work as? I have never seen a woman so dirty before,” Eleyna said and then blushed after realizing that that could be taken as an insult.

The woman with the sooty apron was named Emmeline. She had been repairing some broken tools in the smithy and had been working on making a new pitchfork head.

“You’re a blacksmith?” Eleyna exclaimed, greatly surprised.

“My father was a blacksmith and taught me the skills. I’m not a great blacksmith but I can do all that is needed for a farm.”

“Isn’t that a guy’s job?”

“Why would it be that? Women can be blacksmiths too, just like men can be tailors and weavers.”

Eleyna had no answer to that. It was just abnormal seeing a female blacksmith. All the blacksmiths in Tripoli had been men.

“I enjoy the heavy work and it saves us some coins not having to constantly buy new equipment when it breaks. Often I help my husband out on the field, but today some reparations were needed, and there wasn’t too much work outside anyway. Let me tell you one thing child, don’t ever let anyone force you to believe that there is a profession that you cannot become. You are the master of your life and you are the one who makes the choices. Don’t always follow how things have 'always been'. Sometimes, traditions need to be broken. Anyway, you're still a young girl. You've a few more years before you meet those important decisions.” Emmeline looked outside and saw that sun had descended significantly. The shadows of objects were getting longer and longer. “You still hungry?”

Eleyna nodded eagerly.

“Good.” A big chunk of salted meat was taken out and Emmeline begin to chop it up into pieces.

Eleyna sighed with great satisfaction. She had found a place to stay.

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The Deceivers are Chosen - Eleyna Part II

The World of CilarionPosted by Danai Gabre Sat, May 16, 2009 17:36:22
The Deceivers are Chosen - Eleyna Part II

A few hours later, Eleyna woke up. The cold cave wall against her neck made her shiver. She rose from her position and looked through the small spy hole. The capital of Tripoli was completely demolished. A giant piece of rubble. The once most glorious city of Cilarion was now destroyed. The evil power of Beliar was spreading like a malignant, merciless disease. Doom was upon Cilarion.
The hordes of the evil Naeglim creatures that had stood on the field earlier were now gone and Eleyna decided it would be all right to leave her hideout.
She walked through the ghost ruins of the capital. Tears built up when she saw the scorched and destroyed houses of her past friends. The buzzing sound of flies sucking and feeding on the carcasses of human bodies would continue haunting her in her nightmares throughout her life. She hardly believed her eyes. Slain, pierced, destroyed, bloodied bodies covered the city. Men, women and children alike lay everywhere. All dead. Crows and other necrophagous animals screeched and began to gather.
How could anyone do anything like this? Why was there war in the world? Why would anyone wish to kill another creature? Thoughts swirled through her young mind. In a day she had been forced to grow up and take care of herself. No thoughts of unfairness passed through her mind. Only questions of ‘why’. Acceptance had already dawned on her. She inhaled the burnt air. Each death was now graven within her heart and mind as memories.
She realized she had lost her doll when she had ran to the cave. Silence screamed in her mind as she felt desolately alone. The last memory of her father was lost now.
She stood on a white rock of what had once been part of the glorious, famous Tripoli wall. Endless fields and pastures filled the landscape as far as the eye could reach. Behind her stood the massive, guarding mountains. Some smoke polluted a path upwards from some farms in the distance of the fields. Naeglim had been let loose. She sighed heavily and then walked down towards the open fields. She did not know where to go, but she felt a guiding hand leading her southwards towards the land of Merceana. She knew about the country from stories and myths but had never been there. Now she had a destination and a goal. All that remained was to survive.
As she continued through the rubbles she spotted people. Six youths at about the age of sixteen stood in rags and had been chained together by large, black, metal chains. Eleyna crept silently towards them. She hid behind pieces of rubble only fifteen meters away from them. The Deirm’s powerful voice could easily be heard. At least she thought it was a Deirm. She had heard about them before. Everyone feared the Deirm. The king himself and his strongest men trembled in terror at the word ‘Deirm’. Curiosity called on her to peek. She carefully gazed through a small gap between a few rocks.
The Deirm was clad in a pitch-black armor with a giant two-handed broadsword on his back. His black cape fluttered slightly from the wind. He had no hair on his head and his black eyes with white pupils seemed more piercing than a human’s. His nose was sharp and quite large, Eleyna thought to herself. He was not very handsome at all. Eleyna knew why they were feared though. The Deirm were stronger than any normal man and they never tired. Their energy was endless. Funneled by the Tempter himself.
She looked at the six youths. They seemed tired, beat, resigned and angry. Hatred, fury and hunger for power bulged in their eyes. One girl seemed only tired though. She looked like she had lost all hope and ultimately lost herself too. She had flourishing, black hair running almost as far down as to her waist. It looked a bit fluffy and soft Eleyna thought. She could see a slight tear dropping down her cheek.
“You have been offered positions of great glory and power,” the Deirm snarled. “Lord Beliar has decided that you six shall become his very own apprentices. He will give you riches, glory and powers beyond your imagination if you follow him. You have a choice though. You could either let me take you to him or deny him and die. I of course would be delighted if you choose the second option. Removing your heads would take mere seconds.” The Deirm held out his great sword and pulled his thumb along it. It pleased him to see the fear in the humans’ eyes. A trickle of his black blood now ran down the sword. “I don’t see how he can use six youths like you. But orders are orders. What say you?”
“We will serve Lord Beliar,” said a short haired, blond youth. His eyes glistened like red rubies and Eleyna recognized him. It was Jacinth. The troublesome boy who with his two friends had bullied her brother. He had always been mean and scheming. Adrithon had been badly beaten once when he was walking home alone in the evening, having suddenly been attacked by the three in an alley. His eyes had been black for weeks and two ribs had been broken.
Eleyna had never thought he was this evil though. The six of them had just pledged their souls to Beliar. Beliar! The one who was the reason for the death of their families and the destruction of the capital. It seemed inconceivable.
“Good. Our lord will be pleased," the Deirm said grimly, with slight dissapointment in his voice. The chains were quickly removed and then they were given clothes and horses. “We ride to Ashbel.”

Copyright © Danai Gabre, 2008-11-21

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The Fall of Tripoli - Eleyna Part 1

The World of CilarionPosted by Danai Gabre Sat, May 16, 2009 17:03:19
The Fall of Tripoli - Eleyna Part I

”Give it back!” the young girl yelled bravely at the half-moon of ten year old boys
that surrounded her. She lunged at one of them in an attempt to regain her doll.
Little did they know that soon that ragdoll would be all that remained of the entire city.
As the battle horn echoed for preparation in the city the boys threw up the ragdoll and scattered. The streets in the capital were soon filled with hurrying, panicking and frightened people. Soldiers bid quick farewells to their families and ran to their posts. Hurried hugs were made with deep sorrow and the only thing that saved some from tears was the fragment of hope that still burned in their hearts. Mothers ran to find and gather their children.
Amidst the chaos the little girl struggled to grab her precious ragdoll. It was the doll her father had made for her birth. It had been her lifelong companion and it was all she had left of papa. Even though she was eight years old she still loved carrying it around to remind herself of her father.
“Eleyna!” She recognized her mother’s worried voice.
“Don’t ever do that to me again!” Her mother slapped her half-heartedly and then hugged her tightly.
“What’s happening?” the young girl asked, still gripped tightly in her mother’s loving embrace.
“The city is being attacked. But don’t worry, everything will be fine,” her mother smiled weakly.
The young girl recognized her mother’s tone and instinctively knew that everything was definitely not fine.
“Your brother is at the watchtower already; defending us and the city.”
When they were home her mother immediately began to prepare and discuss with the other women that lived in the longhouse.
Eleyna waited a few moments and then quietly escaped.
She had to help her brother. She would not lose him like she had lost papa.
Outside the noise from people screaming hit her ears. Chaos ruled ruthlessly.
As she ran through the city with her tiny legs she saw a house on fire. A mother was clinging to her son’s lifeless body. The sight was so shocking. She couldn’t fathom how this could have happened! The scenes became gradually worse as she approached the outer wall. People were running everywhere; clutching injured dear ones and trying to protect their homes. The smell of burnt wood and scorched flesh filled the air.
She recalled that her brother was stationed at the second wall.
Another volley of trebuchet boulders struck the city. The stone longhouse behind her was demolished into a pile of rubble with a loud crash. Terrified screams echoed down the streets.
A small stone struck her leg causing her to trip and heavily bruising her bare knees. She felt tears beginning to gather in her eyes from the pain. Soon they were streaming down her cheeks but she continued to run. She heard an even louder crash and knew that the first wall was down.
Hurriedly she climbed up the stairs of the watchtower. The stairs were huge and reached to her knees, but she pressed on; taking each step one by one. Her brother being in danger was the only thought on her mind.
The orders of a general could be heard loudly and she knew she was near. She saw the shape of her brother. He was wearing the standard Tripoli armour, wielding the typical one-hand sword along with the square shield imprinted with the Tripoli sign, which was three silver, half moon, ring walls with a golden crown hovering right above.
“Adrithon!” she yelled.
Her eyes drifted away and glanced over the wall. Fear gripped her heart. She could hardly believe her small eyes. The entire outer city between the first and second wall was completely destroyed! Flames raged everywhere. She could make out the shapes of the trebuchets on the grassland in front of the city. Hundreds of thousands of Naeglim surrounded them.
She instantly ran to warn her brother. She began to fear for her mother and their home.
Her brother was already fighting against the Naeglim that had climbed onto the second wall.
Eleyna bent and picked up a rock. As her brother blocked a strike from the short, brown-skinned Naeglim she used all her strength to throw the rock. It hit the Naeglim’s arm and for a moment it turned its head and glared at the child which had distracted it. That moment was enough for her brother to plunge his sword into its stomach. The Naeglim let out a grunt and then fell to the ground clutching its entrails.
“Eleyna! What are you doing here?”
“I came to help you,” she said proudly, grasping the rock in one hand and her ragdoll in the other.
“Go back home to mum. Tell her that the second gate has been breached. Be careful!”
The little girl’s face was filled with disappointment and she felt ashamed for having disobeyed.
She was about to climb down the stairs when she gave her brother a final glance. Their eyes met and she felt happy as she felt her brother’s forgiving and loving green eyes gaze into hers. In the midst of war and death a smile dawned on her face.
Suddenly she saw her brother fall to his knees. A scythed Naeglim sword stuck out of his stomach. A pool of red blood began to gather beneath him.
She screamed. Clutching the ragdoll in one hand she ran to him.
Looking into his fading eyes she realized that he was dead already. Around her the evil Naeglim creatures were fighting the soldiers. Death was everywhere.
She fled. Tears streamed from her face.
Houses burned. Screams echoed. Arrows flew.
She didn’t know what to do. Where could she go? She tried to run home but saw from afar that the house was already on fire. Tears flooded her cheeks and her eyes became blurry. She ran deeper into the heart of the city where the towering mountain stood behind it defensively. The remembrance of the hideout they had played in as five year olds hit her. She struggled to make her way through the city and chaos, but she managed to find the tiny cave. The hole was extremely small but she was just able to slip through. The cave was dark, a bit cold and smelled enclosed. She made her way through it and climbed upwards to lookout the small hole from where she could almost see the whole city. What had once been the glorious capital of Tripoli was now a ruin in flames. There was nothing she could do. She was scared, cold and alone. It was over. Her brother was dead, and so was her mother most likely. All hope had vanished. She stared out over the city and the field outside where the enemy still stood in hordes. Her eyes were glued to the scene as her mind tried to deny everything that was happening. A deep sigh filled with emotions erupted while the tears continued to pour down her cheeks. She shrank down against the cold, cave wall and blackened out.

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